Video Services

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. A motion picture is worth a thousand still pictures so, the conclusion is obvious! Tell your message to your audience in motion pictures!
Film & videography Services For Businesses and Corporations up to 8K resolution      OR     Click here for Film & Videography Services for Families and Individuals up to 4K
Introductory film of the management or interview
(The location is the office or  other business environment of the interviewee. I’ll do the lighting, the broadcast quality sound recording and the broadcast quality filming. The interviewee introduces the company or himself/herself or answers somebody’s questions, or talks about whatever he/she wants to tell. The interviewer or questionist is provided by the client such as the list of questions.)
Corporate film from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
(This film has a story! It’s gonna be a movie-like film that shows or introduces your company, your servicer or whatever the client wants to show.) See an example here!
Capturing corporate events
(This is a documentary filming. I’ll film your corporate events, cut and edit it and then I’ll deliver it by providing a download link. When it is cut and edited, it is usually a 20-60 minutes long film.)
Product videography for broadcast in TV and/or for the web
(It is like a TV commercial with some spice and extras. It can be anything in lengths between 30 sec to 30 minutes. If you are planning to broadcast it on TV, the standard length is 30 sec. But, there is a tremendous amount of potential broadcasting films on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube. You name it. You are NOT stuck into 30 sec length, you have plenty of time to tell your message to your audience. You can publish your film in any length that best serves your goal!)
Architectural videography (interior/exterior)
(If you want to show your business or work environment or you would like to sell your property, or you are a realestate agent, the video is an extremely effective tool in your toolbox to catch eyes or to close a sale. I can provide you with aerial views too!)
Aerial videography up to 2000 metre heights
(The aerial viewpoint is essential if you are planning, developing or building real estate. It can be essential in some agricultural or search and rescue cases too when the technology and my experience gives you a bird’s eye view about what is going on or hiding down below!)
Underwater videography up to 20 metre depth
(It can be a river, it can be a lake or see, whatever is hiding there I can film it down below.)
My price: Anything that I say without knowing the details would be fictitious, so start discussing the details of your project and I’ll provide you with a price that is tailored to your needs!









Film & Videography Services For families and individuals up to 4K

All kinds of family events, like: 

  • birthday parties
  • holidays
  • friends or co-workers get-togethers
  • social evenings
  • graduation parties
  • and so on.

I can provide you with an affordable price after we discussed the details of that specific event that you want me to film.


Wedding Video

Ceremony only

I’ll film the ceremony with 2-3 cameras from 2-3 viewpoints. I’ll cut and edit it and then I’ll deliver it electronically such as written on a usb stick or if the file size exceeds 4 Gigabyte, I’ll provide a download link. The delivery resolution is Full HD. The actual length of the film depends on the length of the ceremony. Approximately it’s going to be 15-20 minutes.

My price is CAD 990


Full event

Ceremony + maximum 6 hours for dinner & party

I’ll film the ceremony and the party with 2-3 cameras from 2-3 viewpoints including aerial viewpoints if possible. I’ll cut and edit it and then I’ll deliver it electronically. I’ll provide a download link. The delivery resolution is Full HD. The actual lengths of the film depends on the lengths of the event. I’m going to make a 25-50 minutes long extract of the event.

My price is CAD 1690