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Animal Kingdom

The coffee-table book, Animal Kingdom, shows single moments of the life of wild animals in three chapters. The first chapter, called Behavior, shows pictures of scenes, events, and actions that are typical of the given species. However, in the final selection it is intended to present pictures that divert from the usual, from the ordinary, and enrich the spectator with significant information about the animal. The second chapter, Portrait Gallery, might seem an average series of portraits for the first glance. But the subjects here are such beasts, which are sometimes even risky to approach. In spite of this it was tried, as it is worthy of a good portrait, to show emotions, and information about the animals in the pictures. The third and final chapter, Habitat, which presents the animals in their original habitat, has the role of showing the home of the animals, where they live their everyday, but difficult lives. Attention should be drawn to these living places. It is important to call attention to the protection of these areas, and also to show how these places are already being used. In addition, this chapter shows those animals which live there and which have a priority right to live there. If their habitat is endangered, they therefore have nowhere to go. Only a few copy left.

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