Ferenc Cegledi is a British Columbia based photographer, a member of CAPA - Canadian Association for Photographic Art. He also gained a very prestigious QEP Qualified European Photographer title, Qualified by FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers). Ferenc has a passion for nature photography, especially for wildlife in its natural habitat and landscapes in dramatic lights.

Ferenc also has an excellence skill in travel images, people and lifestyle images and illustrational images. These images are extremely popular in the international media. Ferenc sells over 20 000 individual images every year and he works for well-known multinational brands for more than 2 decades! He was the leading teacher of photography in numerous courses in schools of photography.

He was born on Christmas Eve in 1966. His articles and photos are published by the thousands in photographic periodicals, scientific journals, magazines, picture calendars, and books in numerous countries. Stock photography agencies represent his photos from Budapest to London, from New York to Los Angeles.

Being a passionate nature photographer he often travels, and feels at home all over the World. Every year he spends months in special places of the World just to take pictures of its wildlife and unknown landscapes. It occurred that his pioneer instinct drove him to unknown lands, and at other times he took place in expeditions or was charged to go to the unknown.

Ferenc is known as a maximalist. His motto is that: Only the best is good enough!

Ferenc is available for hire in Vancouver, in the Fraser Valley and in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, Canada